Lost within the woods of anger and hatred
wandering alone and frightened in circles
over shadowed by the darkness of despair
hopelessly searching for the pathway home

Where is the fork in the road I choose to take?
those many long years ago sowing wild oats
retracing my steps fleeing from the bitter harvest
yet the consequences no other choice but to reap

Living only for the present ignoring the future
failing to plan for the storms of life to come
blinded by the perceptions of my youth
now in middle age a mess to clean and straighten

What could have been a fading dream of youth
my only choice to turn from the bitter past
learning from my mis-choices not to repeat them
ever walking forward step by painful step

Focusing on the journey instead of the goal
enjoying the fullness of each fleeting moment
though redemption eludes me still
until at last into the shadow of death I fade

Within the hearts of others we leave behind
memories and images whether good or ill
tools that help or hinder another’s journey
powerful words spoken to heal or destroy

Perhaps after I’m gone and long forgotten
my poems others will read and understand
the mis-choices I’v made; lessons learned hard
my painful and sad consequences they’ll avoid

Taking comfort and warmth from the knowledge
that another has walked this pathway before
blazing a trail; marking the pitfalls of mis-choices
learning from the painful experiences of another

31 thoughts on “Lost

    1. Actually I began when I was sixteen.

      I was 22 when I married and My wife didn’t like my writing so one day when I was very depressed I tossed out everything I’d written except one poem and burned them.

      I swore Never to write again.

      Until my dad’s death made me realize what a fool I was.

      You see my dad’s liver was destroyed by the hepatitis C virus given to him my one of my stepmothers who never told him she was infected.

      By the he learned he was infected it was too late to save his life.

      That’s when I started defying my wife.

      By then my son was around 10 yrs old and I’ve stayed with her all these years to keep from losing him.

      To keep him from suffering the emotional hell my childhood was.


    1. Thank you! Just keep being there for her.

      My wife had nearly drained me dry – destroyed my ability to love.

      Nan gave me back my empathy and compassion – restored my ability to love again.

      Just by being herself – my friend.

      The tagline on Falling Star Burning Brightly describes what she has done and is to me.

      The present represents her friendship it is the one gift that gets opened on Christmas eve 365/24/7 the heart represents her love, empathy and compassion she gave to me.


    2. The catagory From My Heart To Your Heart were written for her. Had I never met her they would have never been written. My poetry is mere a reflection of the what she has given to me. I’m mere the moon reflecting the sunshine of her love.


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