Most Of All

What do you want most out of life my friend?
all want happiness the smile of good fortune
others think that a high powered job, good salary
are the ticket to the good life beyond today
while others think that an expensive car
a house far to large filled with exotic furnishings
are necessary for a life filled with happiness

While others think a husband to take care of them
or God forbid a wife to wait hand and foot upon them
who in her heart curses the man who cares for her
then there are those who believe the bumper sticker
“He who dies with the most toys wins.”
collecting electronic gadgets or Beanie Babies
wasting hard earned money on expensive useless things

Of course there are others who bother to smell the roses
look around to dwell upon the surrounding beauty
take pleasure in the warm smile of another,
paint a picture, write a poem or to read a book
their eye of peace and comfort within the storm
but as for me what I want from life and others most of all
Is simply to just be left alone!

To live my life as I see fit to live it
without the interference of those others
who think that they know better but know nothing at all
taking calculated risks and making my own mistakes
instead of spending the best years of my life
within the box my family and wife think is best
while watching my dreams wither away until they die

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