Let My Words Enfold You*


Dearest Nan

From across the deep blue sea
Over the highest mountain
Ranges treacherous passes below
My words fly swiftly like an arrow

To lodge deeply within your heart
My words enfold you gently
Within my arms hold you steady
Go ahead lay your head on my shoulder

With my arms around you let it all out
Let the tears fall softly like raindrops
Until the lightning and the thunder
Fade away – the dark clouds dissipate

Perhaps before I have to fly away
We’ll coax the little girl inside you to
Come out to play engage in a pillow
Fight laughing as we play together

Maybe I’ll seak up behind her and
Gently tug on her pig tails then
Run away as she chases after me
Our sorrows forgotten for a time

Love Dabbie

P. S. I wrote this as a comment on your post Jinxed only to be unable to post it there; So I decided to post it here  on my blog. 

*Inspired by and Written for Nandita Yata A Tangle of Weeds who recently lost a friend. 

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