I’m dreaming of a grease less day
just like I used to know a month and a half ago
before the NCP line forever shut down
when I went home sweaty and dirty
not covered in grease from head to toe

I’m dreaming of a Rayloc free day
looking forward to a vacation so far away
when I can sit upon my front porch
sipping cold Mystic Pina colada’s
reading novels while being browned by the sun

I’m dreaming of winning the lottery
of having to never work again
living the life of a millionaire so rich
doing whatever I want whenever I want
a life of leisure steeped in splendor

I’m dreaming of all my debts being paid
no credit card bills to cloud my sunny days
all my needs supplied and sated
so never again will I have to sing this song
I owe! I owe! So it’s off to work I go!

I’m dreaming of traveling far and wide
helplessly trapped within gravities cruel grasp
still within my mind to unknown worlds I travel
while my body is working on the task at hand
many strange and wonderful adventures I conceive

I’m dreaming…
no doubt when I’m old I’ll be dreaming still
though of being young once more
to live the years of my carefree youth again
wondering where all the years have gone

Now with all this dreaming have I really lived at all?

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