Why I Don’t Attend Weddings


Several years ago I received an invitation to one of my cousins wedding. The daughter of my late fathers youngest sister who divorced her husband just before my fathers death. Had apparently decided at the age of twenty-eight {two years past her sell by date} that she can’t live without the sexual and emotional services of her boyfriend.

Traditionally an event and time to rejoice as well as a milepost on the road to adulthood and maturity. That unfortunately has come to signal the beginning of the financial rape and eventual demise of the bridegroom.

Those who know me are often shocked at my bitterness towards women and the institution of marriage. Often shaking their heads because I dare to discourage my son from entering into an intimate relationship with females of his own age.

But after two abusive stepmothers; one of whom murdered my father by passing on to him a sexually transmitted disease contacted by sleeping around. Nine stepfathers three of which who were just as abusive as both of my stepmothers. As well as thirty-six years of a bittersweet marriage and reading many stories, posted on the Internet, of men who’ve had their lives destroyed by the family court system. By having their children, homes, property and money unconstitutionally stolen from them by those sworn to uphold the rights of all.

It is a wonder that I don’t protest even more intensely or pick up a gun and end it all as so many men have. Or abandon my family by fleeing to another country as other men have been forced to do. While pursued relentlessly by a family court system intent on squeezing blood from a turnip.

Over the last fifty plus years at the demands of the feminists whose core belief is that there are no biological differences in males and females. American society through its elected representatives have endowed upon its female members rights without responsibilities. While imputing responsibilities to its male members while violating and outright taking away their constitutional rights.

The end result is that American society has fallen so low into immorality that no one in my cousins wedding party. Will be able to realistically or honestly expect her marriage to last more then a few years.

Indeed the marriage contract today is little better than a fraud perpetuated against men by the state. As well as by the women who cunningly con their boyfriends and lovers into marrying them. Knowing full well that they intend to divorce their husbands after having children in order to secure their financial future.

So that when my cousin recites her vows before God neither her friends, family, church or the state. Will require her to actually keep her vows while actively condemning her husband should he break his.

Indeed, though not that she necessarily would, the only thing that my cousin would need to do. In order to remove her husband from their children and home while firmly anchoring her hand in his wallet. Is to pick up the phone and call the police with a false accusation against him. Which the police will gladly accept verbatim without any further investigation.

So that not only does the male gender have to contend with competing with females in the job sector of the economy. The rapid loss of high paying factory jobs due to employers sending these jobs overseas. Resulting in the mass unemployment and underemployment of men undermining their hopes, dreams and chances of success. But at the beginning of the twentieth century men now are expected to willingly live with a gun against their head. Upon whose trigger their supposedly beloved’s finger rests with the approval of the state. Never knowing if and when she will actually pull it and blow them away financially.

Not only are an increasing number of men coming to resent the females in their lives. But the cases of men killing their girlfriends and spouses are becoming all too common. Such as in Canada where all a female has to do is tell the police that she is scared of her boyfriend or husband.

The police are then required to arrest her boyfriend/husband confining him in jail. The next morning the female is taken to a hearing that her significant other isn’t allowed to attend. Where he is stripped of all of his property and it is turned over to his accuser by the judge.

The end result is that instead of protecting women from violent partners. False accusations by females against the men in their lives like a wildfire are out of control. Has led desperate men to defend themselves by taking the lives of their female partners in Canada at an even greater rate.

This is the direction that the United States has been heading in for several years now. Nor does it matter that the Republican party which has oppressed men the least been voted into office. While the Democrats who have oppressed men the most have been voted out of office.

Because conservatives who support the Republican party are in agreement with the feminists. Colluding with them to pass laws that outright discriminate against men while making it legal for the courts to steal and redistribute the hard earned fruits of their labors.

This is why I can’t in good conscience place my seal of approval upon the institution of marriage by attending my cousins or any other wedding. Nor do I want my son to think that it is ok or risk free to marry by my attendance.

One thought on “Why I Don’t Attend Weddings

  1. Wow! You are hurting. I am a woman on my fourth marriage. Let me explain my point of view. My first husband and I married young and he wanted other experiences. We divorced, halved everything and of course he sees the children. My second husband ran off after a week with another woman with children because I was pregnant and he did not want children. I never pressed for child support. He told his parents not to see our son and they were broken hearted so I found them recently and sent pics and opened the door and they told me it was not their choice. My third had an abusive father and we separated when his behaviour deteriorated. I fell heart and soul in love with Declan. We have been together going on six years. I hope and believe we will always be together. I moved to Ireland to be with him. My first husband either comes here from England or the kids go there (grown up now) and he has stayed with us. I am also going through a lengthy and difficult process. I converted to Catholicism and to recognise our marriage I have to have prior marriages annulled, this is a horrendous process reliving every issue in painful detail. I have ben going through this process for four years and expect it to last another 8 months. I absolutely love my husband to pieces and he feels the same. I think maturity and experience have made it possible to be in love. I do understand what you are saying, my husband was out with friends and I dropped some money into the pub for him. When I left the boys were complaining that all their wives do is take, take, take and how unfair it was. Please do not give up hope.

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