Throughout my life I’ve learned to often pause
reflecting from time to time the paths I walk
not just to consider where I’m going
looking back to ponder from whence I came

Contemplating the mistakes and blunders I’ve made
seeking to correct my errors to change my ways
hoping to avoid the trap of repeating them
even as I rejoice over the success I’ve earned

Thinking back over the years of my youth
missing my long lost and almost forgotten friends
wonder where they are-just who they became
do they ever think of me and wonder?

How often to myself I secretly whisper
wishing that I had done this or that differently
sometimes filled with the pangs of regret
years later I’m still struggling to accept

Yet nothing will quite compare to the regrets I’ll have
when summoned at the very end of time
to stand before the throne of the Son of God
expected to give an account for what I’ve done

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