I Am a Man So Get Over It


I am a man and I’m not ashamed of my manhood
all I ask is to be treated with respect
to be treated with fairness and kindness
women demand that men listen to them when they speak
so I expect you ladies to do the same for me

I am a man and I’m sick and tired of being attacked
just because I have a different point of view then many women
is it too much to ask women to accept men for who they are
instead of just assuming that all men are alike-evil?
or should I return to the low opinion of women I harbored in the past?

I am a man and I abhor domestic violence in all it’s forms
but one thing that I have never been able to clearly understand
is how women can advocate, defend and justify abortion
to support the putting to death of their unborn child without medical reasons
only to complain about the abuse they suffer is to me the height of hypocrisy

I am a man and I’m very proud of that accident of conception
always willing to be a friend to whomever needs one
but if you can’t treat men with respect and listen to their viewpoint
while expecting your needs as a woman to be met whether reasonable or not
then please just stay away from me for I don’t need the grief you’ll inflict

I am a man and I consider myself to be a kind, caring and sensitive person
but I’m awful tired of having to deal with the hatred for men that feminists harbor
I take responsibility for my actions, choices and mistakes
so why can’t women do the same and stop blaming men for all their woes
stop whining like losers and start working hard like winners

I am a man and yet my wife can have me removed from my home
our car the court will allow her to take away from me as well as my child
yet I’m expected to work hard and pay the bills
then listen to her gripe and complain when I get home exhausted
how weary I have become meeting her needs while she ignores mine

I am a man and should I get angry and yell at my wife or another woman
today it is called verbal abuse
or I can be labeled repressed or a wimp should I chose to remain quiet
yet when a woman gets angry, yells and provokes a fight
it’s then said that she is only venting her anger and expressing her feelings

I am a man and I often pause to wonder about and am amazed
at the double standards that many women insist on holding onto
they want men to think of them as a person and not as a sex object
yet many women will dress in such a way that exposes the curves of their bodies
that then attracts the very attention they claim not to want

I am a man and should I tell a joke that belittles women or an ethic group
a sexist and a racist I would then be labeled
yet women seem to think that it is quite all right to tell jokes that belittle men
how often I wonder why men are held to such high standards
while women are given an excuse for each and every one of their failures

I am a man and though I am saddened that the law won’t uphold my rights
when it comes to fathers visitation rights
that many men are oppressed by their ex wife’s unreasonable demands
burdened by child support they must pay for the children she won’t let them see
their most basic rights denied by her venomous spite

I am a man and a man I will always be no one can take this from me
so I am filled with hope that the day will surely come
when women will be required to toe the line the same as men
while men will be accorded the same rights as women to their children
then and only then will women become as equal to men as they claim to be!

I am a man and a man I will shall always be!

25 thoughts on “I Am a Man So Get Over It

      1. My mother chose to divorce my father when I was nine years old and set our family onto the path of self destruction.

        I and my brothers have been paying for her choices ever since.

        My mother has had 9 partners including my father two she divorced twice and remarried. In the 36 yrs I’ve been married to the same woman she has been married 5 times to 3 different men.

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      2. I can not judge, but like you and I talked about the western society, this issue arises from a system that supports anything as long as the guys in wigs can pull tricks on papers.

        There is a secret of marriage I guess you and all who stick to one spouse employ (I am not yet married) and that secret is;


        Theses 3 above must be repeated over and over again, in cycle to avoid divorce or separation.

        So don’t blame your mother for her life choices, stand by her side and help her pull through.

        After all, life is debt we picked from death, and one day we all shall pay, so why not we live knowing fully well, the difference we have is the time we began life and not the errors we make.

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      1. Dabir, I am with you! I support you in this noble cause!
        I am sorry for what I read above in the comments. I appreciate that you shared your personal experiences on this platform to strengthen your voice against this mistreatment.

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      1. Men and women were designed to complement each other.

        Woman as the garden and man as the gardener who cultivates her.

        Unfortunately throughout history woman has either been protected or left to die of exposure as infants.

        Simply because of her ability to nurture life.

        It is her greatest gift and her greatest curse.

        The irony of today’s praction of abortion so beloved of feminists is that there are more female fetuses aborted than male fetuses.


      2. I’m sorry to hear that Ellen I really am.

        FGM which is a problem in African nations is enforced and performed on women by women.

        Due to the change in dowry laws demanded by the feminists suicides of married men in India have sky rocketed.

        And whole families have been destroyed due to vindictive daughter in laws who quickly learned how to manipulate and abuse the new laws.

        That at one point food rationing cards were going to be issued to the oldest woman in the household. Giving her the ability to starve the male members of the household.

        That a man who enters the train car reserved for women only stands a good chance of being thrown off the train by the conductor. While it is moving!

        Here in the states things have gotten so bad for men that increasing numbers of men will not have anything to do with women at all.

        Indeed if I were not already married I simply would not date any woman within my own age group – nor would I consider marriage a good or wise investment.


      3. That’s really sad. I guess it depends from family to family.. sometimes women are treated badly and sometimes men. Either way, it should not happen.

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