Like Man So Is Woman


Contrary to the claims of feminism
when women make it to the top
nothing will really have changed
nor will the world be a better place

For woman has the same nature as man
evil and sinful ever grasping for more
never satisfied with what she already has
she’ll take from those weaker than she

Just because society promotes the myth
that woman is the kinder and gentler sex
don’t believe this transparent lie for a moment
or be shocked at the evil she’ll promote

Just look at the unreasonable hatred
the bigotry NOW harbors towards men
putrid and corrupt at it’s very core
she has become the very thing she hates

Dwelling upon the faults of some men
condemning the male gender out of hand
like some men feminist’s have now become
so hateful their hearts filled with spite

The very evil they once condemned
marching against the limits of discrimination
coming full circle before the end of the nineties
with affirmative action they seek to do the same

So be prepared for a new reign of terror
as feminism assumes the throne of power
just as the emperor was seen to have no clothes
so NOW will be known for the evil she promotes

NOW = National Organization of Women

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