Eternal Spring


Your heart
Is an endless well of

One sip
And my smile springs


A Tangle of Weeds

On this cold frosty winter morning
the sun plays hide and seek
and so, I must do away with the night
dressed in gold, I become the sun streak

Let me be the golden rays that warm
and brighten you in your cold dark despair
or shall I be the serene soothing moonlight
when in the shadows of the night you wish your loneliness to bare?

Shall I be the leaves of the Fall
in hues of bright oranges and deep crimson
when the trees of life shed their layers on you
so you may collect me and wear me on your naked skin?

How would you wreathe me then, my love?
for shining on your cold and dark despair
Is it with a Pacific love or Atlantic care
that you embrace me with and make me yours?

Did I hear you say I am the Fall of your birth

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