A Feminist’s Achilles Heel


A feminist’s greatest power
is her sexuality
which she purposely misuses
to bend weak
minded males to her desires
wraps these little
boy’s souls around her middle
finger leading
them around as personal chattel
just like a farmer
leads a cow by the brass ring
embedded painfully
within its nose as she prances
about with delight
until she happens to stumble
across an even
dumber ass just waiting to be
exploited, used and
abused upon which to lavish
her wonton cruelty
while her greatest weakness
is her very own
insecurities and incompleteness
for the very thing
that gives her power will in time
spoil like an apple
after it has fallen from the limb
from which it sprung
drew nourishment – its very life
in a very real sense
a women who fraudulently abuses
the men in her life
cuts her very own throat poisons her
very own garden
blights and destroys her own future
happiness by
harming those who protect her

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