DaPoet’s Personal Log Stardate 1802.11


Tonight is one of those quiet nights when I don’t have anything to distract me from the unhappiness of the situation in which I find myself regarding my wife.

It isn’t depression nor am I really feeling down.

But a deep dissatisfaction with where my life has ended up with no solution or means to resolve the situation in sight.

Maybe it’s time to seek the advice of an lawyer to see if their is a way to get out of my marriage.

For thirty-six years my wife has fought a war against me for total all out control of not only our marriage but my life.

If it were up to her I would never write or ever have a single thought of my own.

Instead I would go to work then come home and clean house, do laundry, cook our meals, do yard work; and in any free time I had sit with her in front of the tv and have my brain lobotimized by watching Drama Fever and Netflix.

If that is indeed to be my future than I might should have held onto…

7 thoughts on “DaPoet’s Personal Log Stardate 1802.11

    1. Hello Vinz

      The icons on the left side or beginnig of the tagline represent Ellen the Gental Storm I fell in love with her smile and started writing poems for her. Today she is the daughter I never had that I always wanted.

      The icons to the right or the end of the tagline represent Nandita Yata who as my best Friend is the love of my life.

      The following link is to a poem she wrote for me that I reblogged. Read what I wrote then scroll down and read the poem she wrote. Click on the link to her blog and read son of her poetry and the comments I left on her poems.



    2. Everything I write today is a reflection of their smiles (especially Nan’s) I carry in my heart. I always write by nest when my heart is powered by the love of a good woman or in this case two women.


  1. I’m very sorry to hear what you’re going through, Dabir. Stay strong and have faith in God and yourself! Faith can move mountains! God bless you, always! 😊❤

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