A Requiem for Meredith


Alive she was just another average person
in death an instant media celebrity
unwittingly she put herself within the path
of an unsuspected serial killer
by choosing to hike into the woods alone
relied upon a dog that proved
incapable of protecting it’s young mistress
from an untimely and brutal death
naively trusted an unscrupulous predator
yet from her death all the more tragic
because of the errors she trustingly made
nothing has been or will be learned
since those who really should know better
blindly assert that she did no wrong
yet tis clear to see as the sky on a sunny day
that Meredith put herself in harms way
found herself confronted by an angel o’ death
upon the path of her own choosing
for her naivete with her life she paid dearly

Ms. Murray…

I was terribly disappointed this morning when I read your Grace Notes column entitled: Meredith did nothing wrong that terrible day…

As a journalist you have a duty to your readers not only to tell the truth but to point out that as individuals each and every one of us are, at the end of the day, responsible for the consequences of the choices that we make of our own free will…

Meredith Emerson made three fatal errors:

1) Meredith Emerson chose to go into the woods alone…Years ago when I was growing up I was taught to always go in a group of three when hiking in the woods so that if one was injured or became ill one person could stay with the injured person while the third member of the party went for help…

2) Meredith Emerson chose to rely on a dog for protection that was incapable of protecting her…

3) Meredith Emerson chose to trust the wrong person…

4) In spite of the fact that Meredith Emerson was well educated and held a position of authority with her employer she aptly demonstrated by her actions an appalling lack of common sense as well as a severe lack of judgement…

In short Meredith Emerson chose to put herself in harms way and paid for it by losing her life…

Ms. Murray this morning you had an opportunity to inform your readers that each and every one of us are indeed ultimately responsible for our own safety and that by failing to take the proper precautions we as individuals are also responsible for the harm that befalls us…

Instead you chose to lie and misrepresent those who dare to point out the mistakes that Meredith Emerson made by accusing them of blaming the victim…

In short you could have encouraged your female readers to avoid the mistakes that Meredith Emerson made that ultimately led to her untimely death at the hands of a serial killer as well as to take responsibility for their own safety and perhaps have saved a life by doing so…

How many women will have to die, I often wonder, before you and your sisters learn to take responsibility for the consequences of your own choices instead of taking the easy out by blaming someone else…


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