True Love*

Your welcome Nan.

A long time ago I locked the door to my heart and threw away the key.

It was your empathy and compassion that caused that lock to spring open on its own without its key.

Releasing my heart from its dark and lonely prison.

It was you who restored my ability to love.

Who made my heart finely realize that it was indeed worthy of being loved by a good woman.

The poems and stories written over the last couple of months ever since we became friends.

Are a reflection of the love: empathy and compassion you have given me in spite of your own pain.

Without your friendship in my life they would never have written because you are my inspiration.

For it is your love that powers my heart and your smile that lights up my life.

The irony is that it was only after I was able to define what I really wanted from a woman.

Then gave up looking for it in all the wrong places.

That you found me!


P. S. True love is found when two minds merge together; whose experiences are so similar that their hearts already beat as one before they meet each other.

Only to sync together when they meet at last and become friends.

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