male narcissism


The problem with the field of psychology is that it is about 10% hard science and 90% subjective opinion based on one size fits all models tainted with intellectual dishonesty along with the prevailing bias of the moment, time or era.

Case in point the female vibrator was invented because the prevailing male bias of the time theorized that female hysteria was caused by women experiencing a lack of orgasms.

So I’m not the least bit surprised that as feminists continue to flood into the field of psychology and surpass their male counterparts that their bias is coming to prevail.

By projecting female narcissism onto men both as a collective and as individuals.

Even as feminists begin to reflect male narcissism and blend it with their own narcsistic obsession with their appearence as they continually reject their own biological role by aping the male gender.

Male narcissism doesn’t so much focus on improving physical appearance, nor takes it to the extreme level female narcissists do, as it does on exerting power over males.

Instead of succeeding by helping others to succeed narcissistic males focus on accumulating power through hyper competition to gain wealth and status in order to hold at bay/control other men and to attract and succeed with women.

This is why self centered, self absorbed male narcissists (otherwise known as alpha males) primarily bully other men and sexually harass other women.

Men are just as narcissistic as women they just express it in a different way. Instead of decorating their bodies the average male narcissist hyper competes for power – wealth – status, buys the most powerful car or truck he can afford, bullies other men and ends up being accused of sexually harassing women because he thinks the opposite gender sees him as he sees himself.

9 thoughts on “male narcissism

  1. I agree with your article. An important secondary driver of male sexuality (the principal driver is always procreation, even if that is not the immediate aim of the individual) is the desire to surpass or compete with male rivals. As a young man, I always fantasised about parading a beautiful girlfriend in front of them to demonstrate how successful I was.

    When I was in my 20s and 30s I always felt under pressure to succeed sexually. I do not believe this pressure was caused by society or my peers, it was cause by the fact that I am a man and a procreating animal.


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