Fleet Admiral Dapoet’s Personal Log Stardate 1802.07


flight-sky-earth-space.jpgWhen I left home this morning my heart was singing. Unfortunately I ended up in a confrontation with one of Satana’s minions.

I had no choice but to pull out my lightsaber – use my words like a dagger to the heart – a slash to the throat.

Deep inside I’m a kind and loving person but when I have to fight I’m as brutal as I need to be.

I ended up walking out on her and had a talk with her manager before I left.

To calm myself down I listened to the sound of music on my way into work. Only to end up crying while driving in the rain and I had to deal with another obnoxious employee at the Subway on Liberty road.

I really hate having to draw my lightsaber because every time I do its like a dagger to my own heart and a slash to my throat.

As well as risking becoming the monster I used to be.

If only I could flee to the safe harbor of Princess Aamna loving arms!

But then who would protect her and planet Sunshine if they were to come while I’m away from my duty station.

Then I really would become the monster!

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