The Mother of All Pearls Part 1


pexels-photo-805367.jpegBetween the stars
Within the dark the Poet flies
Looking for a planet
To call home – to go into orbit
All alone he searches

Answering one distress call
After another
Like a butterfly – honey bee
The poet flits
From one star on to another

Until one day he
Found her the planet he’d been
Searching for now
If only he could convince her to
Be his friend

The hardest thing DePoet set
Out to accomplish
Was to convince her that she
Could heal – learn
To love again as just a friend

That she was
Worthy someone rare and
Quite special
Like a patient gardener he
Set out to

Untangle the
Weeds choking the life out of her
To discover the
Little girl in pig tails hidden deep
Inside her storm

Now the real work begins!

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