The Four Fatal Flaws of Conservative Ideology

 1) It ignores man’s fallen nature by promoting the belief that the wealthy are morally superior to those not as well off and blessed by God.

2) It relies on dishonest arguments in order to justify an immoral act.

3) It lacks compassion for others while promoting social Darwinism.

4) It always leads to the tyranny of the haves over the have nots or not as much wealth to protect them from being exploited.

Conservatism isn’t as much ideology as it is an exercise in intellectual fraud promoted by right wing think tanks financed by Economic Terrorists and Economic Predators like the Kohl brothers. That act as a front for Corporate Raiders like Mitt Romney and the Kings of Greed on Wall Street who make a career out of ripping off Main Street. By confusing and duping the all too often shallow and ignorant minds of those disposed to swallow their lies hook, line and sinker who then end up unwittingly voting against their very own interests.


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