​The Land of DaPoet’s Day Dreams

In the land of DaPoet’s day dreams
there lives a buxom lass with flaming red hair
who by day works as a motel maid
makes potions and notions on the side
sells a poisoned apple or two here and there
so ya better watch out and not make her mad
lest she turn ya into an ugly old toad

By night her eyes burn bright with passion
with her lovin she drives her ole man Vic wild
except on the night of the first new moon
when she rides across the sky upon her broom
casting all sorts of spells left and right
some good and a few others not quite so good
depending on whether she likes ya or not

Of course all her hugs and kisses
are as soft and sweet as cotton candy
though I wouldn’t know it’s what I’ve heard
cause a death wish I ain’t got
for if ya mess with either his wife or daughter
her ole man Vic along with their four boys
will stomp your sorry ass into a bloody pulp

Now in the land of day dreams
there dwells a raven haired and bitter old crone
who don’t take —- off a nobody
whose demeanor is as sour as a lemon
as bitter as cup of day old joe
then wonders why her white haired beau
avoids her by sleeping all of the time

Then there’s the lovely Rose of Desire
who knows how to spin a tale
with the ease that comes with lots of practice
so that her stories of hot and passionate sex
makes the computer screen pop and sizzle
hardening some and making others wet with desire
so that they always come back for more

Of course the land of day dreams wouldn’t be complete
without the assorted selfish and self centered harpies
who in their feminine arrogance and conceit
think and claim to be goddesses pure and innocent
who complain incessantly about their boyfriends
hop in and out of bed with every Tom, Dick and Harry
when what they really need is an old fashion whoopin
Oh how they scream and holler bloody murder
when a real man like me comes along
refuses to bow down before em and kiss their feet
by tellin em one and all what they need to hear
exposes the lies they’ve been taught all their lives
gladly puts those spoiled brats over his knees
in order to give em a spankin with their own words

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