The Smile Within Their Hearts

Mama passed away in her sleep last night twenty years to the day Papa left us – slipped away into the gentle twilight – leaped into the great beyond.

And even though my heart is heavy (missing mama terribly) like raindrops my tears are falling. My heart is not sad for I know that wherever she has gone into the great beyond Mama has been, at long last, reunited with Papa; for surely a love as intense and deep as Mama and Papa shared could never die – it’s flame be extinguished.

Surely somewhere high above in the star filled sky the burnimg flames of Mama and Papa’s souls have entwined together never again to be separated by either life or death. As they dance together as one throughout eternity.

For the past twenty years, after Papa reluctantly told us goodbye, I have watched Mama rise out of bed in time to walk along the sandy beach beside the deep blue sea. In order to stand where she and Papa once stood watching the sunrise every morning.

Only to repeat her morning journey later in the evening to watch the sunset while listening to the gentle sound of the waves gently caress the sandy shore at her feet. As the moon began its nightly journey sailing across the star filled sky as they made their appearance one by one as darkness fell.

Once I asked Mama why she didn’t remarry after Papa’ s death – reminding her that Papa had wanted her to be happy and to not spend her twilight years alone. But Mama only smiled gently and said, “Orianna I’m never alone for your father lives on in my heart. Once many years ago before we met in person he sent to me ten million smiles to get me through a very dark time. I have never run out of those smiles!”

“To put it simply’, Mama continued, “I’m never sad or lonely because I carry your Father’s smile within my heart. Just as he always said that he carried my smile within his heart. It was the greatest gift anyone has ever given to me.”

Even now as I write this I cannot help but smile at her words even though I’m grieving for both Mama and Papa. Because I carry both of their smiles within my heart for, as their daughter, I am the reflection of the love they once shared for each other.

Orianna Dawn Dalton

Valentine’s day 2057

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