My Confession (Well Sort Of)

My name is Mindy and while I freely admit that I was furious with my soon to be ex sister in law for what she did to my brother I did not plan nor conspired with my brother or anyone else to take her life. I absoutely deny leading her into the swamp in order to make her disappear without a trace; even though I wanted to beat the crap out of her I did not throw the first punch much less start the fight that ended in her untimely death. 

The simple truth is that my soon to be ex sister in law brought about her own untimely demise. 

It all started when after ten years of marriage to my brother who took care of her while she was undergoing radiation therapy for breast cancer. Who was forced to work three separate low paying jobs after being laid off from his high paying job shortly after the economic collapse of two-thousand and eight. Then developed a lung condition that became progressively worse requiring him to use oxygen and ride an electric scooter everywhere he went provided for him by the Veterans Administration.

It was only when my brother became of no further use to her that she sold the house, she’d inherited after her father died, out from under his feet and kicked him to the curb with nothing but the clothes on his back. Causing my brother to collapse emotionally and financially a state from which he has never fully recovered; so that today he lives with our aging mother completely  disabled and unable to take care of himself. Never once asking anything of her nor receiving a single penny from the sale of the house even though he was legally entitled to half of the proceeds. 

The day she died was to be the last time she planned on attending any of our immediate/extended family get togethers held at my mother’s home or the home of another relative. Fully expecting to never see or speak to her again I simply wanted to tell her off then walk away and help my brother to move on with what little bit of life he had left. To keep from disturbing and upsetting my mother we walked out of the house and into the woods. Taking the trail that led into the swamp for the simple reason I wanted to pick some of the local flowers that were in full bloom at the time; intended for a bouquet to be the centerpiece on my mother’s dinning room table. 

Like far too many women in this day and age who think that they are entitled to choices without consequences and rights without responsibilities. My brother’s soon to be ex wife was unreasonable and unwilling to consider anyone else’s point of view unless it just happened to coincide with her own. 

As a result our discussion became all the more agititated the further  we walked into the swamp. Until our increasingly heated exchange broke out into violence when she stopped, turned to face me and slapped my face so hard without any warning whatsoever that it stunned me. But only for a moment as I soon recovered and decked her with a single punch to her stomach putting her ass on the ground. 

At that point neither of us were aware of just how close we were to one of the many bubbling mud pits in the area. As she leaped back up onto her feet, grabbed a hold of me and pushed me backwards as she attempted to throw me onto the ground. Fortunately both my dad and brother had taught me how to fight when I was younger; so I was able to twirl her around, break her hold on my body and shoved her backwards with all the strength I had. 

That was when she stumbled backwards into the bubbling mud pit as she flailed her arms and hands in the air in a desperate bid to keep from falling onto the ground. If she had I was fully prepared to stomp her ass in self defense, instead she stumbled into the bottomless pit of quicksand, that became her unmarked grave with a scream of terror. 

By the time I walked over to the mud pit, paused on the edge and looked down at my brother’s wife; making certain to stay out of reach of her hands just in case she got any more bright ideas like inviting me to join her. She had already sunk in up to the bottoms of her breasts and I have to admit she did look pretty good at that moment.

Looking back up into my eyes after watching the bubbling mud swallow her boobies in a single gulp. She held out her hands towards me and begged in a whiny voice, “Please help  me I,  I don’t want to die… not like this.”

“Too late Bitch!” I replied. As her chin settled down onto the quivering surface of the bottomless bog without any empathy what – so – ever. Unwilling to soil much less ruin neither my clothes or shoes nor take the risk of falling in myself especially for someone being served up a well deserved heaping plate of karma. 

Nor did I stop watching as with a final scream of terror, her face contorted into a mask of absolute horror, disappeared underneath the quivering surface as the mud enveloped her, cutting off her final scream. Still refusing to turn away I stood there and continued to watch as her arms and hands continued to flail about desperately; above her tomb until they too disappeared. And the final breath she took, squeezed from her lungs, bubbled up to the surface. 

Only then did my feet turn away from my brother’s now deceased wife’s final resting place, as I quickly gathered up the flowers I needed and hurried back towards my mother’s home. With a smile dancing upon my face and a spring in my steps.

Copyright Orianna Dalton 2017

Just my feminine side showing through! 

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