I Am a Poet


My given name is:

David M. Green

I am a 58 yr old white male soon to be 59 – 1 year and 3 months away from the long winter, the last season of my life, I call the twilight years.

5’6″ tall.

Born in Piedmont Hospital in Atlanta Georgia.

Have been married since November 22ed 1981 to the same woman.

My son is 34 yrs old and is the manager of the toy department of our local Wal-Mart.

Graduated from Lithia Springs Comprehensive High School in 1979.

Attended a Seventh-day Adventist university in Collagedale Tennessee from August of 1978 to April of 1979.

Attended 17 schools in 4 states: Georgia, Davenport Iowa, Phoenix Arizona and Collagedale Tennessee.

Had I not become disillusioned and returned the next fall I would have been a second year freshman.

I began working for Rayloc (a division of the Genuine Parts Company – NAPA) on May 14, 1979 until the last day of July 1997 when the plant was closed down.

By the end of August of 1997 I began working for a company that makes metal components for commercial metal buildings through a temp. Agency. And was hired on permanently November 4, 1997.

I have been a packer in the trim shop and worked on the small parts table making gutter ends, peak boxes, corner boxes etc. And I have worked all over the plant from time to time.

Today I run the strapping machine and help out on the P16 and Udeck lines.

My 20th anniversary was November 4, 2017 and I was awarded the safe employee of the month award for August in 2017.

I have also served on the Safety Committee.

Today I live in Bremen Georgia.

I am a Poet my job does not define who I am as it merely provides the financial means to care for my family and the tools I need to write.

I have an old Toshiba laptop. A Samsung 8″ tablet, a Samsung 9.7″ tablet and a Samsung S6 smartphone.

My pen name is Dabir Dalton

Dabir is Arabic for tutor or recorder. Dalton is Welsh for village.

Put together Dabir Dalton means the village tutor or recorder and in my case it means the village poet or if you prefer the village idiot.

I have also posted under DaPoet. I began with David the Poet and eventually shortened it to DePoet.

Today I am simply Dabir Dalton the village poet.

My Feminine Pen Name is Orianna Dalton. As of today I’m adding Dawn as the middle name.

In Latin Orianna = dawn sunrise. In Irish golden.

Orianna Dawn Dalton = the golden sunrise or the golden light of dawn.

If I had a daughter today this is the name I would give her.


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