Dear Molly

A person doesn’t always have to set out to do something special to have a positive effect on someone else.

Sometimes all they have to do is just be themselves.

You are my youngest reader and my face always lights up with a smile whenever I see you like one of my posts.

Because of your age I think twice and often a lot more whenever I write about certain issues.

Your the primary reason I use so many plant, flower and garden metaphors regarding the relationships between men and women.

Because of your presence here on my blog I’m a much better Poet than I used to be and I just wanted to thank you for being here.

Thank you for being yourself!

I wrote the following poem a while back just for you:



She is a
Lovely flower in the

Within the
Garden of her parents
Happy home

Ever so slowly
Her beauty tis unfolding
Day by day

Her inner beauty
Reflected within the words
Her fingers write

Inspired by Molly in the land down under.

Click here to visit Molly’s blog.



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