All Night Long

One of the reasons i get so angry at feminists and women who constantly bash their husband’s and men in general complaining about things that are often quite petty. Is that for a lot of men, including myself, marriage is not a cake walk but the hardest thing we as men have ever done.

Not only do we go to work everyday to earn the financial ability to keep a roof over our families head, clothes on their backs, food on the table and transportation with enough left over to enjoy some of life’s little luxuries.

All the while knowing that if my wife were to decide to dispose of me (like one of my sister in laws did to my brother Stephen) all she has to do is pickup her phone, dial 911 and tell the operator one single lie; and I will be removed from my home and lose every thing I’ve worked hard to achieve over the past 36 yrs of our marriage.

Not that my wife would do that to me. The simple fact that she could is like living with a gun pressed up against my head with her finger on the trigger.

In 2007 I nearly lost my wife to a brain aneurysm. It was located in a very difficult and challenging place to get to: Right behind the eye on the left side of her head.

After the surgery i stayed by my wife’s side as she gradually regained consciousness. Holding her hands which were tied down to prevent her from removing the breathing tube down her throat. She was on a ventilator which the nurses dared not remove until my wife regained the ability to breathe on her on.

I was exhausted and I just wanted to go to sleep but I stayed there by her side all night with eyes that grew all the heavier. Just so I could calm her down each time she awoke and began to struggle because she couldn’t move her hands. It wasn’t easy and I did it because I love my wife; and not because, as the feminists claim, so that I could exert my male privilege and power over my wife in order to oppress her.

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