Contented by Dreams

Flying though space at the speed of light
has been the dream of many a lad
who upon entering their lifework as adults
content themselves with the dreams of their youth

Though none as of yet has attained this lofty goal
while only a few had the chance to walk upon the moon
flying though space parked within earths clinging embrace
some brave souls have been chosen to make this short journey

Here upon earth while gazing into the clear dark sky
wishing with all my heart to explore the star filled void
with only my fantastic dreams to content myself
to unknown worlds within my creative mind I often travel

Gravity may confine my mortal body to old mother earth
while the breath of my mind none but myself can limit
reaching out beyond the edge of time and space
observing what no man has ever seen before or since

If only the reality of my life so often sad and bitter
could be as interesting and exciting
as the fantasies that dwell within the depths of my mind
relieving the intense boredom of the long days and dark nights

Until that day so very far away should it ever arrive
restless my dreams I shall continue to dream
recording them upon paper for all to read
sharing my dream of one day traveling at the speed of light

Perhaps the time will come at last one can only hope
when reaching for the unknown suns so far away
man’s technology will discover a way to bridge the distance
beyond our solar system exploring the galaxies beyond

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