Why IQ Tests Can’t Measure Intelligence

The problem with IQ tests is that they are subjective and can only measure what the individual already knows.

IQ is actually like a computer processor the faster the processor the more quickly the computer processes information.

The slower the processor the longer it takes.

Faster = smarter or high intelligence

Slower = dumber or average to low intelligence

My son had learning disabilities and was actually labeled as retarded the first time he was tested.

Today he is married and is the manager of the toy dept of our local Wal-Mart. He would never have achieved that if he were actually retarted.

Hence IQ is simply the speed at which the human brain processes information and uses it.

4 thoughts on “Why IQ Tests Can’t Measure Intelligence

  1. That speed has a bearing on our performance in life though. IQ tests measure types of intelligence and then there are culture fair IQ tests. Psychometry has evolved with time too but it’s far from perfect like our society. Geniuses like Richard Feynman had IQs which were just about average but crystalline intelligence is something different and I feel there are forms of intelligence which no tests can measure. I agree with you to an extent but Psychometrics had and has a role to serve in society no matter how inefficient it has been.

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