Why I Hate Comment Moderation

I am really starting to hate comment moderation. Simply because I never know when a comment will go through or have to wait until approved. I also don’t like the fact when one of my comments either doesn’t show up or gets zapped and I get absolutely no feed back as to why. 

8 thoughts on “Why I Hate Comment Moderation

    1. I personally will not moderate a comment unless it is a personal attack as I have no problem with those who may disagree with me. If all you want are approvals then make your blog private and only invite your friends or simply close the comments.


    2. What I really hate is taking the time to leave a well thought out comment only to have it get ignored or zapped. I may end up unfollowing the blogs that moderate every single comment or make a habit of reblogging. As well as write and save all of the comments I leave on other blogs in my writing diary and simply paste them as opposed to writing on the blog in question.


  1. That annoys sometimes indeed! I agree. But I also agree with Ngobesing. My comments have been moderated and deleted. It hurts if it’s on blogs where we frequent but if we visit many blogs it becomes smoother as many bloggers respect our comments 🙂

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