My Secret to Writing Poetry

There are five types or levels of thought or thinking

Out of the box


The male brain is actually wired to think Linear or in a straight line.


I actually learned how to think in circles by working on an assembly line.


I learned how to think backwards by studying the Bible which is simply thinking in the opposite direction from most people. Herd instinct as opposed to being a loner.

Out of the Box

Is simply being open minded and trying out new ideas instead of sticking with the old way of doing things or progressive thinking.


Is the ability to take leaps of logic. It’s like struggling to put together a puzzle until one finds that one piece that ties everything together.

All that is needed is inspiration and that can come from anywhere or anyone.

I actually operate on all five levels of thought flowing smoothly to which ever level of thinking I need to operate on at any given moment – in regards to my writing. That’s where my talent or gift lies.


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