Obsessive Love

Many long years ago when I was in high school
I fell into what I thought was love
with a very pretty young woman named Denel
who lived not too far away from my Grandparents

For awhile I didn’t say anything to her about my blossoming feelings
but the day finely came when I began to express them to her
though I was doomed to the disappointment of a broken heart
for she rejected me refusing to return my feelings

Though my heart was hurting with great pain
thinking as my mother had suggested
that she may just be playing hard to get
hoping that she would change her mind about me soon

So I continued to pursue her friendship and love
everyday I would see her at school and would try to talk to her
we even rode the same bus in the morning and afternoons
twice we even had a class together sitting not very far apart

Not able to control my emotions very well
having suffered a great deal of emotional abuse years earlier
unable and unwilling to take her no as her answer
I just seemed unable to let her go and seek out another

Though I didn’t often pester her and sometimes we talked on the phone
never would she consent to date me when I asked from time to time
once she asked me to stop following her like a lost puppy dog
though she never did file an official complaint

Finely graduation day arrived after which the members of our class
went their separate ways their destinies to discover
only once have I seen her since we blazed our trail into the world
often how my heart would skip a beat when I thought I saw her once again

It took ten years of marriage to make me begin to understand
that I really wasn’t in love with her that I was obsessed
then I didn’t know what true love really was
for if I did I would have accepted her rejection and moved on

Now that I’ve matured having built a life and identity of my own
having come to a better understanding of myself
now I am ready to move on to discover what life has waiting
at last I can finely let go of the memory of her

10 thoughts on “Obsessive Love

      1. It’s my pleasure Dabir your beautiful poems here and on Nandita’s page are a joy to read and always bring-in perspective. Many thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

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