True Friendship

It’s not always easy being a friend
while some will always seek to take advantage
others never respond no matter how hard one tries
being a true friend can also be very painful and filled with risks

Indeed it seems that very few people seem to understand
just what it truly means to be a true friend!
unwilling to freely give the gift of unconditional acceptance
refusing to accept others for who they are seeking only to take what they can get

For years I’ve observed how men and women behave
the ways we all act and react towards each other
most seem to live in a world where only they exist
while only a few are friendly to those they meet

Often I’ve tried to be friendly to those I happen to meet
smiling while expressing a cheery hello
yet almost as often having been ignored and rejected
especially by woman my age and younger

Even some of those I thought were truly friends
turned out to be users when it came my turn to need them
but then life is filled with risks and temporary hurts
still I’ll always be willing to take a chance and be a friend!

True friends are always willing to listen to our joys and woes
knowing when to be silent and just when to offer good advice
realizing that in the end we all have the right of freewill
to chose to accept or reject as well as to live with the consequences

A true friend is always willing to lend a helping hand
never demanding or expecting anything in return
not only laughing with one but sharing ones pain and tears as well
never ever turning their back on you just because it is convenient

A true friend is always loyal standing by your side though thick and thin
letting the chips fall where they may without compromising their principles
yes true blue friends are truly difficult to find these days
but then again that’s what makes a true friend so very special!

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