Watch “The Sound of Music Opening Scene from The Sound of Music” on YouTube

For the very first time in my life I am truly happy.

Not the soar so high kind of happy that drops off into a depression deep and dark.

But a calm happy that’s puts a spring in my step.

This morning my wife was fussing at me; nothing unusual but I’d had enough.

I was listening to some of my favorite music on my cellphone and whistling out of tune.

When my wife started in on me – had she told me the sounds were bothering her because she didn’t feel good i would have gladly put on my wireless headphones.

This time I stopped her in her tracks by telling her in a firm tone of voice, without yelling, that if I couldn’t be happy in my own home I would simply walk out.

I meant every word!

It’s bad enough enough having to endure the physical pain of wanting to make love while being denied the release.

The least she could do is let me distract myself by being happy without trying to throw a wet blanket over my happiness.

The video above is the opening song from the sound of music and it is the only way I can think of to describe just how happy I am.

I first saw the sound of music when I was around 9 or 10 years old in the movie theatre.

Back then the theatres would allow their customers to stay for a second showing of a movie unless the theatre was packed.

We liked the movie so well that we sat through a second showing which is saying something because the sound of music is a very long movie.

My first crush Angela Cartwright who played Penny Robinson in the television show Lost in Space plays one of the children.

Yet I only had eyes for Julie Andrews who became my second crush: the light in her eyes, radiant smile on her face and the sound of her voice are just simply awesome to behold and hear.

I hope you enjoy this song as much as I did all those years ago and still do.

Dabir DaltonΒ 

9 thoughts on “Watch “The Sound of Music Opening Scene from The Sound of Music” on YouTube

  1. This is so uplifting music Dabir and even scenery around fills your heart with joy. What makes me so happy is hearing an honest man say that he’s happiest in his life right now. And to be there with him when he said that is a joy to behold. I would remember this and would be happy to tell you that I was there when you exclaimed to world, when we meet beyond the horizon. I agree with everything so say here as did your wife. You write wonderful poetry my friend and I wish you a very nice week ahead. I’ve watched many movies multiple times but the only film I watched twice in a cinema hall was Inception by Christopher Nolan. πŸ™‚

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