The Pain Was Worth It

Many years ago when I was growing up
during the lazy summer days upon my back I would lay
fixing my gaze upon the clouds high above
lost within my thoughts I would dare to dream

To distant worlds unknown I would wing my way
though my body was trapped here on earth below
to escape for a while the pit of despair called life
the universe my mind was free to roam

From the wrath of a hateful stepmother I was forced to flee
just to find a moment of peace
within the realms of fantasy I was forced to dwell
resisting her relentless attacks and fighting back proved almost fatal
for in many ways I became just like her!

My spirit wounded and bleeding I hid within a shell
convinced I was worthless I began to hate and loath myself
many times oh how I wished to die leaving the pain behind
until one day when I was sixteen my life I attempted to end

It has been forty years since that dark day
when I was summoned from the peaceful sleep of death
though it has been a struggle to overcome the hate and bitterness
thanks to some very special friends I have begun to heal

Never again will I allow any woman to have such power over me
though there are some who chose to hate
I chose to forgive moving forward into the light
leaving behind those who wish me harm

No longer shall I chose to dwell within the walls of hate
my spirit now healing has been set free
though upon second thought the pain was worth it
as now I love deeper than I was hurt!

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