Peter Pan Syndrome

I read the book that discusses the Peter Pan Syndrome way back when I was a teenager.

So I’m well aware of how the older a man gets the less women available to marry are within his social circle.

Interesting enough when I was growing up the Peter Pan Character was always played by a woman dressed up as a boy.

So it’s ironic that instead of settling down (growing up and taking on responsibility) it’s women who are the driving force in delaying the onset of adulthood.

Men are just responding to the dating and marriage market conditions, set in place  by today’s so called liberated women, by biding their time while playing the field and video games.

As they wait for the average woman to grow up and stop acting like a spoiled brat with an entitlement chip on her shoulder the size of New York city!

Alysha Kaye


When did men become more interested in swiping right, gaze down than catching your eye at a bar? Peter Pan Syndrome got them in their late 30’s still thinkin’ they’re gonna be a DJ superstar, barista on the side, chasin’ every skirt in sight, 21 forever. Ever seen a balding guy trying to grind on women, slurring “You should smile more” and pounding Lonestars? You’d think he was a hobo and seconds away from getting escorted out except…you look around and the place is filled with mustaches just like him. You think, is this a nightmare? Is this some Twilight Zone shit? But then you remember that it’s 2018 and it’s Austin, Texas and 98% of all men here who are under the age of 45 believe in ACL/SXSW>stability and hipster beards>marriage.

No wonder women are settling for the kind of men they’re settling for…at least those men aren’t afraid…

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