Would You Like To See?

The way to a woman’s heart is tbrough her eyes. A good man who gazes therein will not become lost but will banish the demons and monsters along with the darkness with his love.

Be careful whom you chose to love for only  a good man understands that a woman’s heart is like a rose that needs watering and tender loving care on a daily basis.

Moonlighting Scrivener

There’s a corner of my heart that is yet untouched. Almost inaccessible. Hence, it is indifferent and unfeeling. Nothing reaches it. Nothing escapes from it. Like Schrodinger’s cat, love/hate in equal measures might very well be alive in it. Or not. You’d never know unless you unlock the door. But the path leading upto it is a labyrinth. A hideous, dangerous maze. One wrong turn and you’d get caught among the worst of my memories. Yet another and you’d be sucked dry by the remnants of my despair – of bubbles burst, hopes dashed and dreams unfulfilled. Somewhere else you might be cornered by my deepest, darkest fears. And then again, in a murky lane would be the sum total of my desires. It’s an arduous journey, I must say. The journey in itself a life-long experience. Undertake it, if you will. Reach the door, if you can. Unlock it…

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