From Out Of a Clear Blue Sky or Left Field Depending On Where Your Feet Are Standing

Flight of the Phallus

In the year 2008 the US of A came to an end as we know it
when Hillary won the election then declared herself queen
the Gingster otherwise known as Newt
found himself a wanted man with a price on his head

Bush, Cheney and Rove along with the rest of the Bushies
found themselves standing with their backs to the wall
their hands tied behind their backs and blindfolded
a cigarette dangling from between their lips

Then all within a week:

Bush’s daughters were sent to Iraq
only to return in a pair of body bags
the constitution was torn up into tiny pieces
the bill of rights shredded up into confetti
while the statue of lady liberty was seen to weep

Then the streets began to run with blood:

At first it was the rapists, child molesters and deadbeat dads
then as the femnasties spread throughout this once great land
the fembot’s soon began to go from door to door
where into the streets they began to drag the dads

Not a single one male or female was spared from the lash
second wives along with their children
as well as all the single lads smart enough to avoid marriage
were put to death with no one left to mourn their fate

In a last ditch effort to save the peace and restore order
Sir Jessy of Anti asked Queen Hillary for a truce
only to be rescued just in the nick of time by Stallywood and Wookie
when ex pres. Clinton now named Spike broke Jessy’ lance in half

Then as Stallywood and Wookie craved a path through the PMS-ing fembot’s
escorting Sir Jessy of Anti to a place of safety
Devia and her family packed up their things and fled Canada
while Test Subject and Shining Ebony met en route and fell in love

Setting all of their differences aside
they and the rest of the MRA’s
fled to the distant island of Dr. Evil’ forum
where they all planned to rally and stand their ground

On foot, by plane, boat and train
led by Mike Lasalle, Terry Gale and Angry Harry
wave after wave of the MRA’s came
looking for sanctuary in Dr. Evil’ domain

Holding forth in a council of war
some wanted to stand their ground and fight
but Dr. Evil had a much better plan
for in his wisdom he knew that at times
it was better to flee in order to fight another day

“The day will come when it’ll be time to stand our ground
but for now if we give the femnasties enough time
themselves they’ll destroy so that upon our eventual return
we won’t even have to fire a shot
so it’s off to the moon where we’ll fly and regroup”

Then like Noah just before the great flood
the great, wise and good Doctor Evil
led all who would follow up the ramp and into
the One Eyed Poets space ship aptly named the Phallus

Taking as many as possible into the greatest spaceship built to date
while Stallywood, Wookie, The Bad Boy and Gonzokid
led the rest of the MRA’s in a mighty pincer
to engage the fembot’s landing nearby in a delaying action

Then just as the fembot troops led by Satana
touched the ground the Poet pressed the launch button
beneath their feet the ground began to shake
as Stallywood, Wookie, The Bad Boy and Gonzokid went on the attack

Suddenly the air was split asunder by a mighty roar
as the One Eyed Poets spaceship the Phallus
rose into the night time sky upon a pillar of flame
rattling the fembot troops who now trembled with fear

As the Phallus rose ever higher into the air
down in the galley strapped securely within her chair
a single tear rolled down the Biscuit Queen’ cheek
shed for all of those who were left behind

Then as the Phallus disappeared in an orgasmic burst of light
Satana fell as her rattled troops began to kill each other
so that before long Stallywood, Wookie, The Bad Boy and Gonzokid
were able to lead the remaining MRA’ underground

Six months later as Dr. Evil watched through his telescope
from the relative safety of the moon
the artificial lights upon the earth began to dim
winking out one by one within a year and not just in Georgia

So that by the onset of the second winter
since the femnasties took over the world
the feminists were once again reduced to burning their bras
only this time to keep warm instead of in protest
Each spring the femnasties forgot to plant
just like the Stalinist’s of old with their five year plan

now cold and hungry because of their own brilliant incompetence
the femnasties cast their evil eyes upon their pets

As the food supplies dwindled and failed
all across the world the femnasties pets graced their tables
even as Ex Pres. Clinton who is now called Spike
found himself gracing Queen Hillary’ table with an apple in his mouth

Now with both their food supplies and their pets gone with the wind
the femnasties turned upon all they had left which was each other
not once did a single fembot glance up into the heavens in thanks
to their cruel goddess for their bounty as they killed and ate one another

Far away upon the moon so round and bright
Dr. Evil continued to watch as Sir Jessy of Anti
polished his suit of armor and carved out a new lance
to replace the one broken by Queen Hillary’ pet

Waiting patiently along with the rest of the MRA clan
while good ole mother earth cleansed herself
of the foul stench of the rotting corpses of the femnasties
who lay where they fell with none to mourn or to even bury them

At last the wise and good Doctor Evil called for another council
during which he announced to the hardy cheers of the MRA’s
that at last it was time to board the One Eyed Poets spaceship
to return to earth in order to reclaim their birthright

So it was on a starry night the sky above Dr. Evil’s island domain
lit up in another orgasmic burst of light
as the One Eyed Poets spaceship the Phallus at last returned
to be greeted by Stallywood, Wookie, The Bad Boy and Gonzokid

As the hope of all mankind landed and once again grew silent
the air was rent asunder by the cheers of the MRA’ who’d been left behind

as each man, woman and child raised their hands and saluted
when the at last the hatch opened and their hopes and dreams reappeared

Once again the lights at Stand Your Ground and The Mens News Daily came on
and Angry Harry no longer had nary a reason to be angry
Sir Jessy of Anti escorted by Stallywood and the ever present Wookie
at last found the peace they’d so desperately wanted

Devia and her family left the Phallus hand in hand
soon to return to their home in Canada
Test Subject and Shining Ebony walked down the ramp
each one carrying a bundle of joy in their arms

The Biscuit Queen was so very happy
that she gladly fixed biscuits and gravy for all
as the MRA’ sang and danced to express their great joy
at the return of Dr. Evil, Mike LaSalle and Angry Harry

This time around things would be very different
neither male nor female would seek to dominate each other
as hand in hand each gender established a partnership
so that in time the femnasties were all but forgotten

And they all lived happily ever after!

Phallus if you don’t know the meaning of this word look it up! 🙂

6 thoughts on “From Out Of a Clear Blue Sky or Left Field Depending On Where Your Feet Are Standing

    1. Thank you!

      Way back when I wrote I was really into writing anti feminist poems and essays. I was also posting on a site called Stand Your Ground created by a guy who called himself Dr. Evil. At least until they kicked me off.

      Liked by 1 person

    2. I wanted to write a poem to show what would happen if Hillary Clinton became president. The inspiration hit while I was at work so I wrote it my head while working and wrote it out on paper on my breaks then finsihed if after I got home.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. They loved to hate me especially when they went on my blog and a gander at my women in quicksand stories.

        I always knew when I won my debate with them when they started putting down my poetry.

        Liked by 1 person

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