A Petal Falls Off

With her
Petals lying on the floor

We set
Sail upon the seven seas
Of joy

Within the
Valley lying tween her

My lips
Linger plant the flags of
My kisses

Across our
Sky lightning flashes and
Thunder roars

As our
Bodies merge together
As one

The Raindrops
of her soft and gentle kisses
Fall all over my

Face as
The soft touch of her

Wander all
Over urge me to soar
Ever higher

6 thoughts on “A Petal Falls Off

      1. She is not just any ole flower
        Within my garden
        Tenderly my fingers till the
        Soil plant her ever
        So gently night and day my
        Eyes watch over
        Her protect her from weeds
        She is my most
        Prized flower in my garden

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