When Daddy’s Spoil Their Little Girls

When daddy’s spoil their little girls
an injustice to their future mates they surely do
for unrealistic demands and expectations
of their husbands they’ll make
thinking that its only fair while giving little in return

When mothers treat their husbands with disrespect
moaning and complaining about little things
over time they teach their daughters
that its ok to act like a spoiled little brat
to make unreasonable demands of their future husbands

When in the movie Jerry Maguire
Tom Cruise was beaten up by his girlfriend
not one word of disapproval did feminists utter
by their silence they clearly taught
that its quite all right for a woman to beat a man

Yet if Tom Cruise as Jerry Maguire
dared to strike back in obvious self defense
“Off with his head!” would have been the demand
for whenever a woman kills a man no matter the reason
feminists always rush to blame the victim

For years now woman have griped and complained
that men keep their feelings to themselves
yet whenever a man dares to express his feelings
if its not what these women want to hear
nasty names they’ll yell that call his manhood into question

Men are still expected to work very hard
to put food on the table and care for his family
expected to put aside his wants and demands
yet how often is he thanked by his wife and children
for the many things he willingly provides

The list of woman’s demands and expectations
seems to grow longer each and every year
even as feminists claim by their actions
that men have no right to expect anything of women
to me this seems most unfair

One thought on “When Daddy’s Spoil Their Little Girls

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