My Greatest Need!

Over the years I have slowly learned
to love freely while caring deeply
to be always willing to be a friend
yet cautious to whom I chose to reveal my deepest feelings

To accept only what another can freely give
while always hoping yet never expecting
that my love will ever be returned as deeply
lest I’m always lonely and crying

That my self worth doesn’t depend upon the approval of others
for if I don’t approve of myself then neither will anyone else
that I don’t need a best friend or a worst enemy
for I’m either my own best friend or my own worst enemy

Not to worry when others misunderstand me
for what’s important is that I understand myself
to celebrate my differences no matter how strange to others
changing only what I don’t like about myself and not to please another

That I don’t need a woman to clean my home or cook my food
as I’m just as capable of doing this for myself
to give me sexual pleasure
as it only takes one to have sex but two to make love

That happiness is a choice only I can make
for if I were the richest man in the world
married to the most physically beautiful woman of all
still unless I myself chose to be happy then nothing else will either!

That my greatest need is for unconditional acceptance
the freedom to discover who I am
the right to become the person I want to be
without someone trying to mold into who they want me to be

Yes unconditional acceptance is what we all truly need
yet so few are willing to give much less returning it
only recently have I been able to define-to grasp
this basic need and most precious gift so rarely offered

Now that I am older having become a little wiser
having created an identity, a life of my own
I have learned that now I must strive to offer you
this gift so valuable that perhaps you will never return to me

Having learned all this I am now at peace
for at last I have discovered who I am
learning each day to accept myself
for what I think of myself is really what’s most important


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