A Box With My Name Upon It

When I was born many long years ago
upon a little box my parents wrote my name
filled with their dreams of who they wanted me to be
inside this small box they then placed me

Over the years the larger I grew the smaller the box became
until the day I could no longer remain inside
for the world I wanted to explore and experience
the person who was me I needed to discover on my own

Afraid that I would fail to fulfill their plans for me
my world they attempted to constrict
thinking they could control me in this manor
even as they were attacking and destroying one another

When I was a teenager my Grandparents took me in
forever grateful for the home they gave me
the love and the help they poured out upon me without measure
still they had their own little box with my name written upon it

Disappointed their hearts saddened and burdened
they watched me walk away on my own
though they did what they thought was best for my own good
yet the person that I was to become was for me to decide

Now that I’ve been married for almost fifteen years
a small box into which my wife seeks to confine
the person who she thinks I ought to be
for she refuses to listen and keeps insisting on changing me

When a man imposes his will upon his girlfriend or wife
abusive and controlling is what women call him
yet when a woman does the same to the man she claims to love
it is said that she is only trying to better him

I often pause to consider and wonder
why others think that I would be happier
when confined within the small box of their expectations
that they mistakenly think is who I am

When all I ask of them is to leave me alone
let me decide for myself -to chose who I want to be
truly I can not live my life within someone else’s small box
for then I would be living someone else’s life and not my own!

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