The Fairest of them All

It doesn’t matter how one looks on the outside old or young.

But what is on the inside and it’s the eyes that tell the tale.

If the eyes don’t glow the heart is cold or dead.

For man or woman can only glow from within if the heart is alive and warm.

Moonlighting Scrivener

You say thunder thighs

Like they’re bad

Look at stretch marks

Like they’re scars

You throw around skinny

Like it’s a colour

And wince at plump

Like it’s a curse

For years, I was driven

By what I saw in the mirror

It’s high time

Don’t you think

For the mirror to mould into me?

Because, in the end

Even the fairest of them all

Was a mere fairytale


I’m a woman

Strong and lush

There’s more to me

Than a pound of flesh.

Hello, all of you amazing people! If you’ve stuck around this blog for some time, you’d recall I did a series on mental health awareness last May, post which I’d emphasized on the importance of wellness and health, both in mind and body (Those who are new to the blog and interested in reading the posts, please click here). I’d also shown how they…

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