The Greatest Crime a Man Can Commit!

Just as the way to a man’s heart lies through his stomach. The way into a woman’s pants is through her heart. 

Human sexuality was designed to be an expression of a man’s and a woman’s love for each other. It is the means of becoming one flesh in order to procreate. 

The two greatest crimes a man can commit against a woman is:

1) To play with a woman’s heart to get into her pants then dump her.

2) To neglect her emotional needs while demanding that she satisfies his sexual needs until her heart withers and dies a cruel death. 

The man who plays with a woman’s heart To get into her pants. Is no better than a woman who uses sex to get into a man’s wallet!

9 thoughts on “The Greatest Crime a Man Can Commit!

    1. Thank you! Unfortunatly too many men haven’t made the connection that they are shooting themselves in the foot by chasing two legged dear having never been taught how a woman actually thinks and feels! 🙂

      On the other hand yes a woman should look before sitting down on the loo in the dark.

      All true just as setting down the seat when done is actually a act of curtesy to the one he loves.

      Men and women are polar opposites and both should be taught how the opposite sex thinks and feels.

      Sure would prevent a world of hurt and misunderstanding!


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