At the wedding reception for my son and his wife my wife’s nephew’s SO tried to get my goat by baiting me. Earlier my wife, her mother, my wife’s nephew and his SO along with myself and my mother had sat together at the same table.

Towards the end of the evening my wife and I walked across the room to talk with our in-laws before we left. My wife has mobility uses and she asked me if I would get her purse for her; I’m  secure enough in my own perception of masculinity that I don’t care what anyone else thinks if my wife needs me to look after her pocketbook. 

What else are hubbies for anyway?

When I picked up my wife’s purse off the table my wife’s nephew’s SO made a wise crack about me having a man purse. So I quietly walked around the table leaned down and stated quietly, matter of factly with a straight face. That no civilization headed by women had made it out of the stone age. 

The look on her face Priceless as I stood up and walked away before she could say anything back to me. 

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