A Woman’s True Worth

The greatest mistake a man can make regarding a woman is to seek to take, seduce her into giving him his desire.

Without attempting to meet her greatest need or to give to the woman he has targeted her greatest desire.

For the one thing a women desires most of all is to be not only desired but to  be loved and cherished for more then just her hourglass figure.

Conversely a woman objectifies, devalues, cheapens and sells herself short when she fails to respect herself by dressing – acting immodestly.

For a woman’s true worth does not ly within her outward beauty that fades away as she grows older. But within the glow of her inner beauty reflected by the light within her eyes, the smile lighting up her face and the compassion and empathy floating upon the sweet sound of her voice.

That never fades but glows all the brighter as she grows older and her outer beauty fades away like an autumn leaf. 

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