The Importance of Your Feminine Modesty

Please don’t accuse me of sexism when I ask you to dress modestly; not to put your bubbles on display.

I simply don’t want to be distracted from gazing into your lovely eyes; lured away from the reflection of the soft glow of your inner beauty.

Into wondering what it would be like to sleep with you, instead of admiring your intelligence, by listening to your words floating upon the sweet sound of your voice.

Nor are you a trophy to be displayed on my arm; a piece of eye candy to be shared with another.

In regards to the loveliness of the curves of your hourglass figure my heart is selfish; has absolutely no desire to share what you give to me with any other man.

For it is the glow of your inner beauty as reflected by your eyes and your lovely smile; that makes me proud and honors me whenever another man respectfully compliments you.

That said when I carry you into our bedroom – all bets are off!

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