The Cry of a Child’s Shattered Heart

I Just Wanted My Daddy

There is a pain deep within my heart
an empty hollow place inside
for on Monday my Daddy died
it seems so unreal that he is gone

Never more his voice to hear
when I call him on the phone
from his large and strong hands
a Chiropractic adjustment to receive

Why? Oh why did he have to die?
he was much too young
fifty-six is not that old
just twenty years older then I

When I was just a little lad
I choose to leave my mother
to go and live with my dad
I just wanted my daddy!

When he and Peggy were married
I was quite glad
even when he allowed her to abuse me
I still just wanted my daddy!

Even when he married Lottie
and I had no choice but to leave
even though he had no time for me
I still just wanted my daddy!

Even after I myself had married
and built a family of my own
my heart would long and break
because I just wanted my daddy!

Relationships are like two way streets
my dad could never understand
to avoid his own deep pain
so absorbed in his office was he

For many years that was all he had
so lonely he must have truly been
if only I had took the time his pain to see
so much kinder I could have been

When through daddy’s personal effects we sort
to decide who gets what
I hope that we all realize
no matter how much we get it won’t bring him back

Our memories are all we have left
this we all must accept
if we will learn from his mistakes
a richer and fuller life we all can have

My dad I must now let go
in the past I can’t live or change
my own life with out him I must live
even though it brings great pain forward I shall go

Even so I still just want my daddy

Dammit why did she have to kill my Dad? Why?

12 thoughts on “The Cry of a Child’s Shattered Heart

  1. I’m sure you Dad is looking down from heaven wishing he was there to hug you and wipe your tears. It’s really sad that the women in his life brought out the worst in him, I’m sure he never wanted to treat you badly, but was forced to. I’m sorry for all that you’ve been through! πŸ˜”

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