No Way Hosea!

Marrying one’s best friend is a fallacy. An intellectually dishonest concept that justifies modern day women (both worldly and christian) who require their male partners to divest themselves of their closest friends while retaining their own.

Indeed making my stepmother the center of his life led my dad to an untimely death at the age of 56.

Just the act of retaining my closest male friend by refusing to sever the relationship caused many fights between my wife and I because I refused to give in to her wishes.

He has since died but because of my wife’s attitude I dare not seek out another male friend. She has effectively isolated me emotionally and on more than one occasion has pushed me to the brink of suicide.

Wife = best friend.

No way Hosea!

3 thoughts on “No Way Hosea!

    1. Yes it is Ellen! But consider one of the reason older men commit suicide or wither away after the death of their wife. Is because they allowed their wife to become the gatekeeper of their relationships with other people. Resulting in them becoming isolated physically and emotionally without the support a true best friend would have been able to give them.


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