Ladies Have You Been Smacked Today?

I like to play with words with double meanings and write satire from time to time. Every time I ask a male coworker if he ever smacks his wife they always reply, “No I don’t hit my wife.” With a look of horror on their face.

Of course that’s when I ask, “You never kiss your wife? With a straight face.

My own wife expects me to smack her at least three times a day:

– When I leave for work
– Arrive back home
– And before going to bed

Of course I always beat her up in the morning because I get up out of bed to get ready for work before she does.

Whenever someone tells me they’re doing pretty good in reply to asking how they are doing. I ask if they believe in the Bible and of course they answer in the affirmative. That’s when I inform them that, “Girls are pretty and the Good Book says that no man is good.”

It’s always good for a laugh or two. 🙂

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