17 thoughts on “Tears

      1. When my wife’s grandfather died not long after we married – he walked her down the aisle – she told e that what impressed her was that I cried with her when I held her after she told me he had died. 🙂 Women are gentle men are strong. Men need a woman’s gentleness and a woman needs a man’s strength. 🙂


      2. That is really sweet! I can imagine how touched your wife may have been, very few men would have done what you did! She is lucky to have had you with her at such a difficult time! 😊❤

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      3. Thank you! Your making me blush!

        When your down
        Tempted to think no one cares
        Remember I do

        We may live on opposite sides of the world but I’m only a text, email, blog post and/or comment away. 🙂


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