Never Stop

If you were here
I’d enfold you softly in my arms
Like a lovely flower

Hold you close
Like a comfortable and
Warm blanket

Taste the
Sweetness of your lips enjoy
Your kisses

Hoe your lovely
Garden gently plant my seed in
Your fertile soil

Never once stop
Gazing into your lovely eyes as
Your beauty fades

12 thoughts on “Never Stop

      1. About Mister Poet

        ​Back in my mid thirties I actually thought that I would be one of those guys who would take his own life after being disposed of by the company he worked for in a layoff. Up to that point in my life I had allowed the job I went to every morning, throughout the work week to so totally subsume my identity, that I would have been utterly lost and cast adrift on the deep blue sea of uncertainty had my worst fear come true at that particular moment in my life.

        But after the death of my father at the tender age of fifty-five when I was thirty-five I began to write again and shortly purchased my first computer so that in time I gave up my job as my primary identity and began to identify myself as a writer and a father. Nor did it matter if nobody else ever read the poems or short stories that I wrote; because I was following my dream in the manner of my own choosing. {Which I had stupidly allowed my wife to derail during the first year of our marriage.} Instead bottling up everything inside to the point that I was seriously considering taking my own life. Long before I did indeed lose my job due to the shuttering of the plant where I’d worked for eighteen years and two months.

        So that by the time I was actually facing the loss of my job I was able to tell the person who asked – if I would be ok – that I would be all right and that I would survive. Because I was a Poet all that I had to do was find another job before my unemployment benefits ran out in order to pay the bills which I did in less than thirty days after the plant was shut down.

        Today at fifty-eight years old – and still counting – I am still a Poet and gainfully employed twenty years after I was laid off and absolutely refuse to make my wife, family or the job I do in order to pay the bills the absolute center of my life.


        Because even after all these years since the uncertainty of my thirties I AM STILL A Poet and a Poet I’ll always be.

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    1. My job is what I do to pay the bills my poetry is who I am. My employer can take away my job but not my identity as a Poet. πŸ™‚ I may have to find another job and it may pay less making my life harder but I would still be as Poet! Just as a rose would smell just sweet by any other name. πŸ™‚


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