A Kind Soul

This is for Dabir Dalton of ‘Falling Star Burning Brightly’, who had so kindly written a poem about me a few days ago. Do follow his blog, he’s an amazing poet and writer. I shielded my heart from the arrows being cast, Trying to forget the demons of my dreaded past. I looked around, on my side, […]

via #159. A Kind Soul. — The Gentle Storm

This is the first time a women (or any one else for that matter) has written a poem about me. Makes me shiver me timbers all over. 

Many years ago a feminist blogger reblogged my picture and accused me of being dangerous because of my views on feminism. 

This time around I’ve been fortunate to become friends with two of the Pearls of  Great Price here on WordPress. Of which Ellen is one whose “Inner Beauty” shinning through her writing makes my heart sing and gives me hope. 

Thank you Ellen your a much better poet than you give yourself credit for so keep on writing. 

Please visit, read and follow Ellen’ Blog: The Gentle Storm she posts lots of good motivational tips well worth the time to read. 

61 thoughts on “A Kind Soul

  1. Awwww this is so sweet! Thank you for your kind words, Dabir. You are a gentle soul, definitely not harmful to anyone. You speak your mind and I admire that. God bless you! 😊❤

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    1. Your Welcome Ellen! LOL I only wish I had one to speak – a mind that is. So instead of letting my fingers do my walking I’ll let em do my speaking for me. At least until I find a mind. 🙂


      1. You do have a mind. A brilliant one. It is your beautiful mind that writes such beautiful poetry! You make a difference in the world by being the kind person that you are! 😊❤

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      2. Lovely poem! I read it yesterday.
        I cannot even think of marrying in guy, and you’re writing about marrying two women.. 😁
        Oh I’m very bad at analysing poetry, so forgive me if I’m wrong.. 😊

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      3. 🙂 each one a bride and a bridesmaid to each other. Like two electrons orbiting an atom they encircle the love of their life. Both bride’s are polar opposites one is light the other dark yet all three are one.


      4. Your gravatars reflect the inner beauty of your personalities. Your smiling and she has a serious expression yet both of you have compassion and empathy for others.

        Ellen + Nan = ⚡ together sets my heart on 🔥

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      5. Trust me, girls take a million photos and choose only the one that’s perfect.. 😁 so I’m not that good looking, I’m just photogenic at times. 😁 You’re a perfect kind man! 😊❤

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      6. Ah ha…still you’d look pretty awesome next to my pretty ugly. 🙂 Trust me when a man and a woman get up close and personal all they can see is each other’s eyes. If they have true love for each other the flaws they ignore or learn to lived with.


      7. It can be. My wife tends to shut down my heart and inspires more anger than love. But it’s women such as you and Nan who give me the hope that should I end up alone I would be able to find true love.

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      8. And it is men like you who give me hope that there are good men out there. However, I don’t trust myself anymore when it comes to love. So I prefer to stay far away from it.. 😁


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