♂️ + ♀️ = πŸ”₯

Yes men and women have a lot in common, different strengths and weaknesses yet were designed to compliment each other, to work together and fill different roles.

Each has a pair of arms, a pair of legs along with a set of lungs. Both have a brain, heart and many other organs in common.

A woman has a pair of ovaries, a uterus or womb – men have a pair of testicles. The male penis is the tool he was given to hoe his garden and plant his seed. Women were given a vagina because a man needs a garden and a baby needs a way to come out into this cold cruel world. Just as it takes two to tangle a man needs a glove to go along with a bat and a ball to play and to make whoopie.

Both genders come in different shades of colors and all shapes and sizes yet it’s their race and culture that make each one interesting to curious open minded individuals.

Or in other words a man is a man and a woman is a woman but it’s their color, race and culture that make them interesting.

So be it! Hence ♂️ + ♀️ = πŸ”₯Β anything else is just a dud.

For a woman is the rain that refreshes a man’s heart and a man is the cloud that protects his woman from the sun’s burning rays.

For a woman who isn’t demanding, controlling and bad tempered but is loving, kind and respectful is a “Pearl of Great Price” and just as rare. The man who has one in his treasure box – home – is truly blessed, happy and lucky to have found her.

6 thoughts on “♂️ + ♀️ = πŸ”₯

    1. Thank you Ivor! The sexual aspects of men and women are just to beautiful to demean with crude vulgarity. Plus I don’t want this blog to be flagged as an adult blog and my youngest follower is a twelve year old young woman. The Bible itself celebrates human sexuality and love within the context of marriage. With the most erotic part of the Bible being the Song of Solomon whose example I’m doing my best to follow. πŸ™‚

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